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Crypto projects powered by utility, transparency, and the power of community

For creators, you can go from concept to cryptocurrency right from our launchpad. EMBR sets you up for success by illuminating proven pathways for budding entrepreneurs.


Embr token at a glance

Optimized to incentivize project longevity and product quality, the supply of Embr tokens at each sale shall have a sustainable and equitable distribution of total supply.

Total Supply

300 Million

Private presale price

0.000052 BNB

Public presale price

0.000072 BNB

Tax on buys/sells



Token distributions & allocations

Embr’s distribution ensures equitable supply is available to the private and public pre sales prior to public launch. This also ensures initial funding is made available to sustain the project, and that considerable tokens are reserved to enable an initial liquidity pool and staking rewards.



Initial liquidity pool

30,000,000 Tokens



21,000,000 Tokens


Private presale

45,000,000 Tokens


Staking rewards pool

105,000,000 Tokens


Reserve vesting

15,300,000 Tokens


Public presale

45,000,000 Tokens



15,000,000 Tokens


Team vesting

23,700,000 Tokens


Embr token presales are subject to vesting schedules

A fair vesting schedule protects the equity of investors involved from the presale. It also ensures that early buyers are unable to crash the price while the token is in its infancy, should they choose to exit their holding quickly. Vesting controls the circulating supply of tokens throughout the first 9 months of trading, protecting the market pool from being immediately diluted and also protecting you, the buyer, from exiting before the utility value in the project has been realised.

Tokens purchased during the presale will be held safely in our audited token vault, managed by its own original smart contract. Investors will be able to claim a portion of their tokens as they release every month. Private and public presale tokens will be held in the smart contract vault for vesting as well as all token allocations for Embr team members.

Team allocations

12 months

vesting period

Private presale

9 months

vesting period

Public presale

6 months

vesting period

Public Launch

No Vesting

vesting period


3 Proprietary smart contracts that run our business (and yours) flawlessly

We don’t rely on others to provide a safe, accessible launch platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Our smart contracts are designed for EMBR from the ground up and audited by best-in-class security consultant company, Hacken. We’re using them for our own launch to boldly prove that they’ll work for you, too.

Token contract


Vault contract


Crowdsale contract



Spend your crypto anywhere, anytime

The Embr ecosystem will enable accessibility to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency products for all token holders and the wider community. With an intuitive user experience and world-class design, we are unifying a suite of applications under a single ecosystem. Take a look at some of the products we're working on right now and in the future.

Embr App

Over 300 of your favorite tokens, coins and more. Launched initially on the Binance Smart Chain, the Embr App will shortly support other chains such as the Ethereum and Matic networks. Easily track your favorite digital assets and customize your home screen to display what matters to you. While our app is starting as a powerful crypto portfolio and tracker, we have ambitious plans to provide our users with the ability to send, receive and manage cryptocurrencies through our very own custodial digital currency wallet.

Embr Swap & Payment Utility

Remember when pancakes were fun and not frustrating? Instantly swap your EMBR with BNB or convert it into USD. With one touch, you can grab lunch with your tokens whenever you want.

IDO Launchpad

From ideation to launch, you can build both your community and your business from scratch within one platform. EMBR’s trailblazing approach allows investors of all magnitudes access to highly-vetted, Hacken-audited emerging cryptocurrencies.

Embr Social

Gain access to a fully decentralized crypto community. For those interested in keeping up with the latest conversations, we bring everyone together from crypto founders to enthusiasts in one safe space.


Our expert team

Our collective experience as DeFi founders and creators has ignited a powerful consensus amongst our team—

DeFi can be better. Wayyy better.

We’re moving at the speed of crypto to increase the fairness, safety and simplicity of your DeFi experience.

Why: So that decentralized finance is as trouble-free as you need it to be.

  • Jason Dominique

    Jason Dominique

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Andrew Cunningham

    Andrew Cunningham

    Chief Product Officer

  • Eli Popovich

    Eli Popovich

    Head of Operations

  • James Hunt

    James Hunt

    Head of Engineering

  • Dan Espinoza

    Dan Espinoza

    Community Success Manager

  • Dean Eggenberger

    Dean Eggenberger

    Social Media Manager


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We’ve reimagined how you discover, invest, create and communicate in the cryptosphere.

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